System Requirements
    Obtaining Installation Program
    Running Installation
    Web License Manager
       Initial Setup
       Adding Serial Numbers
       Associating ACT Users
       Viewing / Exporting Configuration
    Obtaining Updates
    Displaying Current Version
 Administrator Functions
    Applying Preconfigured Templates
    Managing Tables
       Create a New Table
       Editing an Existing Table
       Deleting an Existing Table
       Creating Fields
          Special Fields
       Editing Fields
       Deleting Fields
       Assigning Field Security
       Tabs and Views (Quick View)
       Defining Relationships
          Add Relationship
          Edit Relationship
          Delete Relationship
          Relationship with Activites and Opps
    Nesting Tables
    Managing Custom Table Screens
       Adding a New Screen
       Changing Screen Properties
       Deleting a Screen
       Designing Screen
          Adding Fields
          Moving Fields
          Adding Static Images
          Deleting Fields
          Modifying Field Attributes
          Changing Screen Color
       Editing Screen Scripts
          Scripting Events
          Using Snippets
          Scripting Assistance
    InLine Grid for ACT Layouts
    Migrating Data
    Importing Data
    Managing Word Templates
       Creating a New Template
       Editing an Existing Template
       Nested Custom Table Entities in a Template
    Managing Schema
       Exporting Schema Changes
       Importing Schema Changes
    Creating Default Settings
 End User Functions
    Using Designer Tabs
       Adding / Deleting Entities
       Managing Display Columns
       Sorting / Grouping
       Replace Values
       Exporting to Excel
       Summaries / Statistics
       Merge to Word
    Using List View
    Using Lookups
    Using Default Settings
 Windows vs Web Functionality
 Integration with TopLine Dash
    Purchase and Licensing  FAQ
    Installation FAQ
    Admin Function FAQ

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Online Help

TopLine Designer is an add-on product for ACT! by Sage Windows or Web that gives you the ability to add new custom
sub-entities and it provides a framework for designing screens, relationships, list views and calculations for those
sub-entities. TopLine Designer has an Import Module. A sub-entity is another word for a sub-table.
It is a table that must be related to a specific Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity.
Entities such as Contacts, Companies, Groups or Opportunities are called Top-Level Entities.
Top-Level Entities cannot be created using this tool.

This helpful guide will walk you through TopLine Designer's two major components,  Administration and  End User. 

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