ACT! Dashboard
    System Requirements
    Obtaining Installation Program
    Running Installation
    Obtaining Updates
    Launching TopLine Dash
 Dashboard Elements
    Change Dashboard Title
    Dashboard Tabs
    Dashboard Toolbar
       New Icon
       Load Icon
       Save Icon
       Print Icon
       Preferences Icon
       Refresh Icon
       Help Icon
       About Icon
       Alerts Icon
    Panel Toolbar
       Panel Title
       Panel Wizard Icon
       Filter Icon
       Display Type Icon
          List View
          KPI View
          Graph View
       User Icon
       Contact Group Icon
       Export to Excel Icon
       Grouping Icon
       List Sorting
       List Filtering
       List Summaries
       Date Range and Record Count
    Rows and Columns
    Deleting Panels
 Dashboard Panels
    Company Query (2009)
    Company Query (2010)
    Contacts by Group
    Contact Query (2009)
    Contact Query (2010)
    Custom Sub Entity (2009)
    Group Query (2009)
    Group Query (2010)
    History Query (2010)
    Note Query (2010)
    Opportunity Query (2009)
    Opportunity Query (2010)
    Product Query (2010)
    Solution Query (2010)
    Other - Contact Details
    Other - Calendar
    Other - Database Update
    Panel Comparison (2009)
 Advanced Functions
    Dash Query Designer (2009)
    Dash Advanced Query Designer (2010)
       Previewing Queries
       Saving Queries
       Opening Saved Queries
       Advanced Query Info
       Adding Criteria
       Deleting Criteria
       Moving Criteria
       Grouping Criteria
    Title Bar Colors
    Renaming Dashboards
    Protecting Dashboards
    Deleting Dasboards
    Organizing Dashboard Folders
    Custom Relative Dates
    Copying Panels
    Moving Panels
    Printing to PDF
    Adding Logos to Output
    Printing to Excel
    Rescheduling Activities
    Update Fields
    Simple Single Panel Dash
    Complex Multi-Panel Dash
 Relationship Reports
 Dashboard Editions
 Dashboard Version Compatibility
 Configuring TopLine Alerts with Dashboard
    General FAQ
    Installation FAQ

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Powerful and highly flexible, TopLine Dash is the easy-to-use real-time reporting tool for ACT!. TopLine Dash is available in two versions, Manager and Personal.  With TopLine Dash Manager, view combined data for all of your ACT! users on one screen within the ACT! application.  In TopLine Dash Personal, view data for a single user.


Work effectively.  Analyze interactively.  Report instantly.

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